We are a group of passionate, creative individuals who provide a variety of Professional Video, Photo & Creative Solutions to offer a unique perspective into your music or business.

Jess and Jon are easily two of the greatest people I know. First and foremost, they really care about their art and it shines through. They really want to get the best product out for their clients and keep the creativity alive throughout the entire process. They are persistent, driven, and always keeping you informed and involved. They will always give you a product that you’ll never be disappointed in. Honestly, I get butterflies and my heart feels extremely happy every time I receive something from them.
Not only are they talented but as people, you’ll never meet anyone else like them. They’re bubbly, funny, friendly, outgoing, fun, and so much more. Working with them is a blast and they’ve become my favorite people and my great friends solely because I chose to work with them. They care about you as an individual and care about building a relationship with you which is why you’ll always be happy with their product- it represents you since they got to know you. There’s more I can say but I feel like I’m rambling now! So In conclusion, you’ll be very happy you took the chance to work with Springwood Productions
— Taylor Tote, July 2017
In my 15+ years of playing in bands, Springwood is literally the most professional and incredible video/production company I’ve ever worked with. Not only do they let you have creative control but also offer constructive ideas that make your video even better than you imagined. I highly recommend using Springwood for any video needs.
— Brandon Smith, May 2017
I worked with Springwood when I was a guest in the studio with Small Town Titans this past summer. The whole team was very professional, as well as friendly, and Jess made me feel more at ease while I was being interviewed and while interviewing the band. The completed music videos from that session showcase the band well and demonstrate the quality of work that Springwood Productions exemplifies.
— Nicole McMillan, December 2017