Jess Garcia - CEO/Founder

Jessica Garcia was born in Glendale, California, and always had a passion for music. Growing up in the Garcia household meant growing up with music - it was in their blood. Her mother was a musician, and her family was routinely involved with their church’s worship group. That tradition of music continued after her family moved to Maryland when Jess was 12. Her continued involvement with her worship group taught her about music production at a young age, giving her experience with more

Dan Weinel - Springwood Studios Partner


Dan Weinel was born in Baltimore and raised in Bel Air, Maryland. As a student at the Baltimore Lutheran School, he was always very involved in school sports teams and music programs. He was always interested in Photography, and liked being able to capture a moment in time. His musical involvement began early in elementary school, and he later self-taught himself guitar. He was in several bands in High School, but wanted to record an album for one of them, so when he began to record, he fell in love more


Jon Garcia - Lead Editor/Videographer


Jon Garcia was raised in Glendale, California with his sister, Jessica, and has shared many of the same experiences growing up. With a mother who was passionately involved in music, Jon fell into music himself, and has always known music to be a driving force in his life. His family moved to Maryland when he was ten, and his family quickly got involved with the worship team at their new church, which gave his family a constant musical outlet. Though he was involved in several jobs before more