Meet The Crew: Dan Weinel

Dan Weinel- Springwood Studios Partner

Dan Weinel was born in Baltimore and raised in Bel Air, Maryland. As a student at the Baltimore Lutheran School, he was always very involved in school sports teams and music programs. He was always interested in Photography, and liked being able to capture a moment in time. His musical involvement began early in elementary school, and he later self-taught himself guitar. He was in several bands in High School, but wanted to record an album for one of them, so when he began to record, he fell in love with it, and knew that he wanted to go to school for it.

Dan attended Lebanon Valley College because of its strong music recording program, to play lacrosse, and to follow his Grandfather, who graduated from Lebanon Valley College in 1958. He met Jess before college while he was recording an album with his friends, and kept in touch throughout his college years, sending her mixes and hanging out at Springwood shoots. He eventually bought a camera, and worked persistently to get on set, and earned a spot on the Springwood team. He volunteered to record an album for Jon Garcia, and that relationship morphed and developed into an emphasis on Springwood’s audio side.

Dan formed Springwood Studios as a branch of Springwood Productions, as a means to focus on audio development that could both stand as an individual company, and compliment Springwood Production’s visual projects. While he still has a strong hand in the visual production aspect of Springwood’s inner workings, the audio production is where he specializes. He would like to see more songs go through the Springwood development team – going from songwriting to a fully produced song, with a complementary music video. He and Jess Garcia help on both branches of Springwood, as a creative exchange that helps them both work harder and more creatively. Working with Springwood allowed Dan to work with August Burns Red, a band that was influential for him growing up. He is now the bassist and a vocalist in Jon Garcia’s band, Jon Garcia & The Hopeless Romantics, and enjoys being able to play music regularly. In the Future Dan wants to be able to travel and experience new things, which he has been able to do more with the Limitless Jeep Tour - a series of traveling and off-roading excursions shared by several proud Jeep owners.