Meet The Crew: Jon Garcia

Jon Garcia- Lead Editor/Videographer

Jon Garcia was raised in Glendale, California with his sister, Jessica, and has shared many of the same experiences growing up. With a mother who was passionately involved in music, Jon fell into music himself, and has always known music to be a driving force in his life. His family moved to Maryland when he was ten, and his family quickly got involved with the worship team at their new church, which gave his family a constant musical outlet. Though he was involved in several jobs before Springwood Productions, nothing gave him the same satisfaction that Springwood did, as he longed for more opportunities to be creative.
In 2012 Jessica called Jon, asking him to get involved with Springwood Productions’ work by filming the Gable Music Ventures’ Wilmo Rock Circus. Jon was unexpectedly handed a camera and began filming. He quickly discovered that this was something that he was good at, and something that he enjoyed doing. He continued to work for Springwood, and helped to put together Springwood’s first highlight reel. Jon never imagined that he would be working in video, but he fell into it at the right time and grew to love everything about it – from the filming to the editing, he sees his work as art, cultivating an image that he can be proud of. He likes to push himself, and loves to stay motivated by “never being satisfied,” meaning that he’s always looking for new ways to do things, and new ways to perfect his work.
He currently serves as the Lead Editor for Springwood Productions, and is the lead singer in his band, Jon Garcia & The Hopeless Romantics. Jon grew up in a singing household and when he began to learn guitar, it was an organic musical development, and he always wanted to start a band. He got serious about writing music in 2012, and his band formed in 2015. While he writes music freely, he still views his involvement with Springwood as an overhead parent, guiding him along. The future is a mystery for Jon, as he never expected to be doing what he’s doing now, but he makes sure to treat every opportunity as if it were the Grammys, and he wants to continue to be satisfied by “never being satisfied.”